About Emma

Hey! As I’m sure you guessed, my name is Emma and I am the creator / owner / author of this blog. Since you came here for DIY home improvement and painting tips, I’ll keep my section short so you can get to the good stuff.

I got my start in DIY when I was super young, and have always kept it a big part of my life. During college, I majored in business but never felt a passion for it, and eventually found myself working as an interior decorator for a great family owned company in Sacramento, California.

Throughout my work in interior decoration, I found my passion for DIY projects growing, and decided to start this blog to share my experiences, give tips, and provide helpful information to other DIYers!

While my forte is interior painting, I also have experience decorating and taking on my technical projects (remodeling design, landscape design and more).

About the Blog

The blog is primarily to help other likeminded people, but is also for me to put my tips out to the world. With that in mind, I’ll be writing about everything from personal experiences to structured tips and tricks articles. The personal pieces will just be posted as they come to me, but the tips and guides will usually revolve around painting (specifically interior painting), since that is what I love most about my job.

With all that being said, please check out my latest posts on the homepage, or check out the search feature to find specific articles!